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Haruki Murakami, the internationally bestselling author of Norwegian Wood and A love story combined with a detective story, Sputnik Sweetheart ultimately. Sputnik Sweetheart. Haruki Murakami, Author, Philip Gabriel, Translator Alfred A. Knopf $23 (p) ISBN Julie Myerson salutes the indefinable magic of Haruki Murakami’s new novel Sputnik Sweetheart.

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Many of his novels have themes and titles that invoke classical music, such as the three books making up The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: He is so passionate about Murakami’s writing, that it is infectious. This transformation however gives rise to other more serious problems, until one day Sumire mysteriously disappears and in her wake, strange truthes begin to disturb the surface of everyone’s past.

We’re not supposed to be anyone else. In an instant – whether their dental plan covered the costs was beside the point – they fell in love. My partner woke a little later as K was travelling. When Sumire gives up smoking, she loses her grip on things, “like some animal that’s had its furry tail sliced off”.

View all 55 comments. Published October 3rd by Vintage first published April 20th In the end, I quite liked this novel, even though it isn’t my favourite of his. So much so, that in a Murakami novel people construct these fictions and live by them. Clearly designed to be metaphors, they are nonetheless presented as completely real and often leave physical traces on a character. Bizzare things happen when the two women the younger is the personal assistant of the older go overseas for business and end up extending their stay on a Greek Island.

The author uses a lot of proverbs, symbols and metaphors in the story that makes the reader confuse, or makes the reader thinks deeply in the story. Occasionally, Murakami makes it very clear that something is to be a sign or a symbol, but far more often he leaves it vague. Always has been, always will be. Yup, I just finished another Murakami novel. The salesman asked me if I owned the book and I said yes.

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Personally I liked it. Kerouac spent three lonely months in a cabin on top of a high mountain, working as a fire lookout. I really haruii you.

Free falling

Sumira had been unable to write for so long. If there were a photograph of Sumire taken at that time, I know it would be a valuable record of how special certain people are. In this novel, the loss of ones soul, the ridding of the pubescent self and the haphazard journey into murakmai an adult is portrayed as lonely and full of painful sacrifices.

Want to Read saving…. He has been promoted, and no longer must defer to Mr. For me this is the best unrequited tragic love story I’ve read so far. Though Murakami seems to invite us to join him in a straightforward mystery adventure, he in fact does something much more upsetting. I took the key and held murakamo in my palm and could feel the weight of the countless people that had seeped into it. Do I looked like a pervert? She always had her literary Idol of the Month, and at that point it happened to be the out-of-fashion Kerouac.

They shared a bond as they were both outsiders who read voraciously.

We’ve had many discussions about Murakami, and he kept prodding me to read one of Murakami’s novels. K feels his time there is up, even though he feels a connection to Miu. Entweder habe ich es nicht verstanden oder Murakami hat es absichtlich so seltsam und offen geschrieben.

Sumire was waiting expectantly, snow-white first page of her notebook open, for nourishing words that could have been a source of warmth and comfort-a pillar, an axis, to help prop up her uncertain life here on this third planet from sputnil sun. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. About three-fourths of the way through the book the magical realism kicks in. A must read murakzmi you are going to give Murakami a spin.

Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

Only by mixing fresh blood with the dried-out bones would the ancient souls of the dead magically revive. Does it matter if a narrative is factually correct so long as it works as an explanation?


She carried a dog-eared copy of On the Road or Lonesome Traveler stuck in her coat pocket, thumbing through it every chance she got. Sumire found it amazing that the genes that produced that nose had disappeared.

That should pass after a good night’s sleep and I should be able to decide where Sputnik Sweetheart belongs in my catalog of Murakami. The woman Sumire fell in love with was named Miu. These people are always the ones who whine about the small shit, spare no self-pity.

A Conversation with Murakami about Sputnik Sweetheart | Haruki Murakami

The narrator has long been in love with Sumire, but Sumire has never been in love with him. After reading four Murakami books, I see that his writing stands out from the rest of his peers for its controlled simplicity.

He meets Miu for the first time, and she tells him that Sumire has vanished without a trace. The only memory she had of her mother was a vague one, of the scent of her skin. Jurakami prose seems at first glance attractively lively, readable sweethear comic, even.

And no clues left whatsoever. This is my first time reading a Murakami novel.

Clunky writing, glaring credibility gaps, predictable storylines – all are a cinch to detect, dissect and generally rail against. Beatnik was a media stereotype of the s and early s that displayed the more superficial aspects of the Beat Generation literary movement of the s and violent film images, along with a cartoonish sweeyheart of the real-life people and the spirituality found in Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical fiction.

She scrutinised me for a while, like I was some machine run by a heretofore unheard-of power source.

At least that’s what everyone called her.