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Dersu Uzala [Vladimir Arseniev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev () undertook twelve major scientific .. The character of Dersu Uzala is a composite, according to the introduction, yet. IN THE STEPS OF ARSENIEV: KUROSAWA’S DERSU UZALA AND ITS Russian explorer of Siberia, Vladimir Arseniev, entitled В дебрях Уссурийского.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat Russia’s North Asian Colonyand that proved interesting.


For me, the most important aspect of Dersu personality is his animist spirituality – his belief that every living thing has a soul and is talking gently to him, his view that nature is a garden to be nurtured or at least respected, and not an adversary to be conquered.

Dersu could read the terrain and the weather like others could r An account of surveying expeditions sounds like dry reading but this definitely was not the case with this book. I simply had given no thought to indigenous people of most countries other than my own. I enjoyed my time on the tiaga with the Captain and Dersu. The next stop is the city of Vladivostokwhich has undergone tremendous changes since Arsenyev first moved there in They get trapped and Uzala builds a shelter from a strand of reeds that saves their lives.

There’s a wonderful page up by Chad Garcia, titled “Watching Dersu Uzala,” which describes Kurasawa’s relationship to the material. This book is a chronicling of the Ussuri Tiaga in east Russia of a surveyor for the railroad.

There were also descriptions of the different groups of people contacted on this trip and Dersu knew the helpful way to interact with each group, according to their customs and behaviors.


His father, born a serf, became the chief of the Moscow District Railway. She was xrseniev immediately. Oct 02, Merrikay rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book.

Live alone in mountains – soon die. Open Preview See a Problem? Geophoto Despite the modernization of the Russian Far East, which began over a century ago, the region still hosts some of the largest virgin forests in the planet. Get out your man card and start punching: The real good stuff here is the window into what life was like in this area a hundred years ago.

One of the highlights here is the Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museumwhich has a special section dedicated to the flora and fauna of the region. It was interesting to read about the landscape of that part of the world in a time when Russian, Chinese, and Korean settlers were interacting with nomadic people there.

It’s a nonfiction account of a Russian surveyor’s friendship with a Siberian trapper in the early ‘s. Lovingly preserved and converted into a museumthe house is close to the Vladivostok railway station.

Those that want to climb Mt. Consider also that the movie won an Oscar for the best foreign language film.

Retracing one explorer’s path-breaking journey through the Russian Far East – Russia Beyond

Arsenyev and his team are on their own and many times their survival is due only to the skills of one man: Inhe met the Nanai hunter Uzala. And such a strong book–in this dersj I know my feelings are not mine alone.

But he does this partially because he spent his youth reading American frontier literature like ‘Last of the Mohicans’, and all kinds of other books that talked about American Indians as noble savages, and it was almost like he couldn’t wait to get out to Siberia to find his own arsenifv savages to write about.

The book is a classic and deserves to be rediscovered and Dersu is a true hero.


His widow, Margarita Nikolaevna Arsenieva, was arrested arsenieev and again in after being accused of being a member vladiimr an underground organization of spies and saboteurs allegedly headed by her late husband. Kurasawa’s movie was the first complete work he produced after a suicide attempt. La taiga es una region inhospita de la parte oriental de Rusia, para muchos occidentales es una region desierta.

Preview — Dersu the Trapper by Vladimir Arsenyev. Incidentally, Siberian tigers seem pretty badass. Thank you, John Valient for turning uzxla on to this incredible book. It is a strange thing that such impressions are not purely personal and subjective, but were felt by all the men in the detachment Want to eat – go buy. Among these, Dersu the Trapper has earned a privileged place in Russian literature. This book was turned into a really great movie in the ’70s.

The three journeys he takes occur in the early ‘s and include his exploits with a Taiga dweller known as Dersu.

Refresh and try again. Her befriends Arseniev in the first expediti This book is a chronicling of the Ussuri Tiaga in east Russia of a surveyor for the railroad. This said, my first reaction on reading the text?

Friendship, the slow terrible impact of one culture upon another, the slow terrible impact of human culture upon nature I am sorry to sound so cliche, but Dersu is truly one with nature, plants, animals, rocks, to the point of what some would call animism.

Arsenyeva town located in Primorsky Kraiwas named after him. Aug 11, Clare rated it really liked it Shelves: Get the week’s best stories straight to your inbox.