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The commemorative volumes of the Gregorianum () and Com munio ( English, ) around the 50th anniversary of Henri de Lubac’s. Surnaturel· and the. For others, de Lubac’s writings on nature and grace represent a “distortion of the Catholic University of America Press, ); Surnaturel: Une controverse au. Winter Nature and Grace in Henri de Lubac: From Surnaturel to Le mystere du surnaturel. Bruno Forte · Email · Print. This article can be found in the.

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This original and wide-ranging study treats many of the deepest theological issues in modern ecumenism, including our understanding of the Trinity and the nature of primacy, in a vigorous and accessible fashion.

De Lubac stated in later years that the book had taken sufficient shape by to be ready for review; the nihil obstat was granted in February The section concludes with a beautiful text entitled “The Light of Christ”, a prayerful meditation written during the dark hours of Nazi domination.

This is the definitive introduction to Henri de Lubacs spiritual interpretation of Scripture. De Lubac began work on the ideas which would eventually appear as Surnaturel in his days as a student in Hastings. Priests are called “Father” and the Church is called “Mother”.

Unfortunately, de Lubac had made his case so convincingly that problems soon followed in his overpowering wake. Be the first to ask a question about The Mystery of the Supernatural. De Lubac carefully and truly beautifully destructs the modern notion of “pure nature,” arguing that this corruptive simplifying of Thomist thought results in a misunderstanding of both human nature and human destiny. But Surnaturel is the keystone of the arch.

Books by Henri De Lubac. Though post-modern thought has pushed theology to an almost opposite situation from the one in which de Lubac writes, his advice and warnings remain prescient: About Henri de Lubac. The second section, comprised entirely of an unpublished work on tripartite anthropology tracing the body-soul-spirit distinction from St.

The Mystery of the Supernatural by Henri de Lubac

Lastly, section four inquires into contemporary developments: In Appreciationby Avery Cardinal Dulles. Laurence Renault treats William of Ockham; Jacob Schmutz explores the shifting expositions of concurrence divine and human causality between the thirteenth and the seventeenth centuries; and Marie-Bruno Borde, O.


Peter Gavin rated it it was amazing Dec 25, De Lubac does not hesitate to express clearly what he thinks of the theologians around him, of the new concepts appearing because of the Council, or of the problems he judges to be most serious for the Christian faith. Luigi Giussani’s The Religious Sense, which speaks of man’s desire for the infinite.

Unpublished Conferences on Renewal in the Postconciliar Period. Meticulously translated by Robert Williams and Matthew Levering, the volume continues the discussion on pure nature and natural desire, initially set off by de Lubac’s controversial book.

Neither the Fathers nor the scholastics, therefore, ever envisioned the possibility of a purely natural end for human persons attainable by their own intrinsic powers of cognition and volition. Even more fundamentally, he links the process of exegesis to the permanent foundation of Christian thought, demonstrating that all forms of scriptural exegesis are part of the ongoing reflective life of God and the process by which the human race learns to share in this mystery.

Ignatius Press; n edition October 1, Part of its influence owes to the cumulative impact of other works to which it is related both by historical assumptions and by systematic links. Elizabeth rated it really liked it Jul 15, Moreover, it will help to situate de Lubac if one considers him next to some other of the great figures of the past century. Henri de Lubac addresses such questions with his usual profound erudition. It will be an important resource in the widespread and ongoing ecumenical discussions among Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox theologians.

However, he continued his prolific oubac of other work, including studies on atheism, Buddhism, medieval biblical exegesis, ecclesiology, and the sacramental nature of Catholicism.

A Controversy at the Heart of Twentieth-Century Thomistic Thought contains four sections, guided by Bonino’s insight that if in the year no one is any longer a Thomist in quite the same surnatureel he would have been in orit is partly because of Fr. Though some of the critiques of this book are legitimate, its importance is hard to over state.

Volume 2 by Henri de Lubac. He was eventually obligated to stop publication of his works because of doctrinal objections against his controversial book, Surnaturel. He served in the French army during the First World War, suffering severe wounds in combat. First published inthis book represents a refinement and further development of the core thesis that Henri de Lubac had originally put forward many years earlier in a bold and controversial work in which he first called into question the idea of pure nature.


Ignatius Press; First American edition November 30, He deeply mines the Christian tradition in examining the Motherhood of the Church.

This book includes essays, notes, and reviews reflecting the fundamental ideas and key writings of Henri de Lubac, one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century. Etudes historiques, nouvelle edition, ed. Ignatius Press November 1, The Thought of Henri de Lubac”. I probably am making a hash of the book — I know just enough to make myself sound stupid — but I think it is worth the hard read.

The Motherhood of the Church: Henri de Lubac – Biographical Information. At the same time as he talks of man’s natural desire or openness to the infinite, for supernatural beatitude, De Lubac maintains the gratuity of grace.

She suggests that due to its richness, the countercultural function of the Eucharist cannot be exhausted by one tradition.

The publication of the work caused immediate controversy in Surnaturl thought. An English translation of an Catholic book originally written in French by a renowned theologian, with three major sections and five appendices.


Reviews Review by Mark E. He makes a persuasive case that Cardinal Cajetan and Suarez misread Aquinas and the tradition in their attempts to describe pure nature. Johnman rated it really liked it Dec 20, During the s de Surnwturel came under suspicion from the Vatican for his teachings about the supernatural and grace.

For me, this was a book I bought for grad school, but somehow the prof neglected to ever assign reading from it, as far as I can tell.