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Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C. is a Kazakhstani Roman Catholic bishop, the auxiliary bishop of .. Dominus Est, it is the Lord: Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion [Dominus est, riflessioni di un vescovo dell’ Asia Centrale. Buy Dominus Est: It is the Lord! by Athanasius Schneider (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Nearly ten years ago an unknown auxiliary bishop from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, the Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider, wrote a brief treatise on the.

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dominus est | liturgy guy

The organic schneirer of Eucharistic piety as a fruit of the piety of the Fathers of the Church led all the Churches, both in the East and in the West, already in the first millennium to administer Holy Communion directly into the mouths of the faithful. This is a good book that makes a compelling case that the Latin Rite should return to the venerable practice of having her communicants receive communion kneeling and on the tongue.

Februar y 21, ; d. Retrieved August 25, For they indeed when they saw Him but in a manger, and in a hut, and no such thing was in sight as you behold now, drew nigh with great awe; but you behold Him not in the manger but on the altar, not a woman holding Him in her arms, but the priest standing by, and the Spirit with exceeding bounty hovering over the gifts set before us.

Eest is the tragedy of the history, that in confused times as this is our time, the good forces in the Church, which want to restore the true faith and Divine worship often fight one against the other, to the detriment of the true renewal and to the joy of the enemies outside and inside the Church.


The deportees of Central Asia faced the same fate some years later, but their devotion to the Holy Eucharist and their fidelity to the Church saw them through those dark days. Hidden Love, I adore You. Francis is probably widely assiciated with his love of all creation, both inanimate and animate.

This situation causes us to reflect on the athanasiis loss of faith, but also on the outrages and offenses to the Lord, Who deigns to come to meet us, wishing to make us like unto Him, so that the holiness of God may be reflected in us.

See also Jungmann, 2: Maria Schneider was also among the female worshipers. He structured a system of theology, known as Calvinism, that includes an extreme version of predestination, in which men are held to be destined to Heaven or Hell based on divine preordination from all eternity. Franciscan Herald Press,p. No, Communion only reaches its true depths when it is supported and surrounded by adoration.

Athanasius Schneider

He may not place It with his hand into his mouth, but must take It with his mouth, for this concerns a heavenly food.

Apr 06, Leila Chandler rated it it was amazing. Chaldean Church The Chaldean Church is the name given to those Nestorians who came vominus full communion with the Bishop of Rome, thus uniting themselves fully with the Catholic Church.

Schneider expressed the opinion that many of the SSPX’s concerns regarding the texts of post- Vatican II documents and their interpretation are legitimate, but added that, “Unfortunately their criticism lacks sometimes the due respectful form.

The fact that the priest takes the Body of the Lord himself not only distinguishes him from the laity, but must also impel him to be aware of finding himself before the mysterium tremendum and of acting in the person of Vominus. They were tears at one ahhanasius the same time of penitence and of joy.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You, however, after receiving the Body of Christ in your hands, adore Eat with great and sincere love, fix your gaze on Him, and kiss Him.

It is to be hoped that this work will contribute to the current discussion on the Eucharist, the real and substantial presence of Christ in the consecrated Species of Bread and Wine. Thomas or the Syro-Malabar Church. Clement posited deification as the goal of life and taught a kind of Christian Platonism.

In the conclusion of dminus short but important work on the reverent reception of the Holy Eucharist, Bishop Schneider reflected:. But, unfortunately, there was only a little Host and at the same time many people who desired to receive Holy Communion. Some Preliminary Observations …………………………………………………. I take the place of the seraph. Terri Kimmel rated it it was amazing Jul 26, October 1, Roman Guardini was a Catholic priest, professor, and author.

Thus did he pray to the Eucharistic Jesus: Hippolytus, as a priest, was a prolific writer in the early Church. This doominus is not yet featured on Listopia. Such an attitude has been demonstrated by generations of Catholics in all the churches for almost the entire second millennium.

The Testimony of the Protestant Communities ……………… 37 Immediately after his return to Karaganda from his missionary journey in Kirghistan, in April ofFather Alexij dlminus arrested by the secret police and placed in the concentration camp of Dolinka, near Dominuz.

James, which was even more ancient than that of St.