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About this manual. This manual describes the operation of the ÄKTA™FPLC™ system. System description, system maintenance and trouble-shooting are also. filter. Sample pump. Buffer select valve (V6). Injection valve (V1). Reverse . Manual. Flowpath. B1 or B2. BufferValveB. Pump A. Pump B. Common inlet. A2. A1. About this manual This manual describes the operation of ÄKTA purifier: Evaluating the UV response Calculate the UV response ratios in the following.

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Frac has only one UniNet-1 socket. A 2 B Purging Pump P 1 Immerse the inlet tubing of all pump modules, with filters, in the distilled water.

Up to 5 buffering components can be added. Tighten or replace if required. A Funnel-to-flask kit for transporting the fractions to other vessels is also available. UniNet-1 and UniNet-2, optional cabling installed. Note the back-pressure Bp2 on the pump display or in the Run Data pane.

ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences |

Detailed information on the components can be found in their respective User Manuals and Instructions. Select the recipe in the Recipe Name list. When the pressure falls below the set point, the first regulator again tunes the actual flow rate to the set flow rate, and so on.

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After a while the Windows desktop appears. If the column is to be left in the flow path, make sure that the skta allowed flow and pressure for the column are not exceeded. Note that the CU should be attached to the left side of the system. You can zoom further on the enlarged part. The peak size is set to a volume Peak Fractionation Volume that is larger than the actual peak volume.

Original raw data curves can never be modified, renamed or deleted from a result file. Peak fractionation is selected on the Elution Fractionation page in the Method Wizard.

ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Refer to the flow diagram in section 8. BufferPrep eliminates the time consuming manual buffer preparation and titration usually needed for every pH change in chromatography. The electrode might rupture due to high backpressure.

If air is allowed to enter the columns, their performance can be adversely affected or destroyed.

Chemical stains and dust should be removed. Some examples of normal and abnormal pressure traces together with comments are shown in Chapter 5 of Pump P User Manual. For example, to purifir the flow rate: Use it as follows: The pKa values must be entered in order of increasing value, starting with the lowest pKa value.


The pH electrode is delivered with a transparent cover. To set a useful pH range the pKa must be known.


When the buffering component has less than three pKa, the other pKa values should be set to zero. When the required volume has been injected, set the valve to LOAD. It is also possible to view manial three wavelengths simultaneously by turning the dial one step further only three digits. Click here to select page Run setup consists of a number of pages.

BufferPrep compensates for the pKa drift with changed ionic strength and temperature. The new flow rate will be used until the end of the run or until a new flow rate instruction is reached in the method.

The ratios obtained should all fall within the intervals given in column 5. manuql

PressLevel is the maximum allowed pressure.